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Episode 50 - To Catch a Prederson

Episode fifty y'all. Episode. Fifty. When we showed up to the studio to record this one, Dylan walked us over to the window and had us look at the big ol' billboard outside and imagine our surprise to see our logo FRONT AND CENTER! So effing cool.

Peterson kicked things off with this story about how he tried to lure kids into his van with a puppy, so the sode gets off to a pretty strong start. Then we talk all about RPGs and introduce our newest segment Don't Think Too Hard about RPG elements that don't make much sense.

Oh man and Peterson also came up with the best segment - if Japan has JRPGs, what would other countries' RPGs look like? We cover CRPGs, RRPGs, GRPGs, and more - it's SUPER funny.

Boot up character select in your 3RPG below:

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