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Episode 45 - JD's Last Stand

I'm a pretty passionate guy, which is a nice way of saying I can be a total rage monster, especially (almost exclusively) when Peterson is trolling me. So needless to say I got a little heated in our latest 2v1 segment. But only because I was TOTALLY RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME.

Whatever. Still so damn bitter about this one. We talk all about the history of physical video games, from arcade cabinets to CDs, and where we're headed with digital downloads. And don't forget to check out our vodcast below to see me lose my mind from an overdose of sodium.

Add just 3-bits of salt below:

I have a total meltdown at 52:30:

Here's the link to the Kickstarter for 40 Winks in case you're interested in it - still a few weeks left to get in!


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