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Episode 46 - Kazplay and Nintenders

Oh man oh man oh man - now this is a good episode. We had 2017's BlizzCon Costume Contest winner, Laura "Kaz" Mercer on to talk all about immersion in games and she fills us in on the world of cosplay in probably the most interesting interview we've ever done.

I've linked a ton of Kaz's stuff below the episode, so scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Spread on some peanut bitter and j3lly below:

Here is the vlodcast for this week's sode:

Here is the video from 2017's BlizzCon Costume Contest (Kaz walks out at 28:00 and wins at 34:45):

And here's her website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy store. She's got amazing tutorial videos and all sorts of other great content you should check out!


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