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Episode 43 - Polishing My Halo Head

Confession time. We always have an emergency sode in our back pocket in case one of us is out of town or otherwise occupied that week - after all, two of us are dads. This is one of those sodes.

So we popped open our Disney vault and dug out this old masterpiece. This episode is all about shooters. We talk about the first shooter we fell in love with, get into the Good, Bad, and Ugly of shooters, and end up talking about Halo probably a little too much. I mean c'mon it's all about shooters - we're gonna talk about Halo. We also document Call of Duty's sad fall from grace.

Spread some I Can't Believe It's Not 3Bitter below:

Oh and we chat about some seriously funny self-inflicted wounds right at the beginning so I don't know why I'm telling you about it - you're not going to miss it.

I went searching for the Halo theme on Guitar Hero 3 and was wondering why the video quality was so shitty then I realized - it's from 2008. Ten years man...ten years.


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