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Episode 51&52 - Video Game Celebrity Deathmatch

So I have this thing where I say words wrong. I'm not remotely ashamed of it because it's entirely intentional - I say words that are just different enough that people end up wondering if they misheard. Like when I go to In-n-Out I order my fries "aminal style" just to mess with people.

Gotta entertain yourself somehow I guess.

One of my all time favs though is "March Madnits." And I was able to convince Peterson and Spencer we needed to do something March Madnits related, and they caved. And it was AMAZING. We picked the 32 most iconic video game characters, seeded them, and tossed them in a bracket. Then, in our epic two-part episode, we pitted them in a Celebrity Deathmatch style showdown to the death. Listen to both parts to see who came out on top.

Get bit on below:

And here's the bracket, in case you need to reference it during the sode:

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