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Episode 53 - The Usurper Returns

When I saw that Ready Player One was coming out, I knew I had to call up Lynn. The first time we had Lynn on the show, back on Episode 8, she had nothing but criticism for the book - if you haven't listened you should definitely go back and check it out.

So Lynn and I went to a local theater that serves booze while you watch your film (because I knew we'd both need it) and sat down for what turned out to be the worst movie I've paid to see in my entire life.

You heard me correctly: I hated Ready Player One. So did Lynn. And Peterson. And even Spencer wasn't a fan. So if you want to hear me profane Steven Spielberg and every film he's ever made, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.

3.B. phone home below:

And because we got our camera back and set up, we actually have a VOD for this week's episode!! Here are the faces behind the magic:

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