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Episode 44 - The Pupusa Incident

Every week we go out and grab lunch before recording. Our producer Dylan recommended it as a way to loosen up back when we started the podcast and it just became a habit because we all love good food.

We have a few old standards like a German deli and a burger place, but every once in a while someone suggests somewhere new. Last week, Peterson wanted Salvadorian cuisine and when he didn't get his way, threw a literal tantrum. We talk about it for about ten minutes, along with all the new games we're playing and some news.

Spencer's obsessed with Monster Hunter, I'm loving Dead Cells, and Peterson is deep into a new RTS called Northgard.

Fill your tortilla with some 3fried Bits below:

We've got another VOD this week, with improved camera angles and video quality!

And here's a link to our Twitch so you can go subscribe right now!!


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