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Episode 39 - Console Wars 2017

The last time we saw Dustin Hansen was on Episode 14, way back in July. Since then, he's older and wiser, but more importantly, this time we all have beards! This week's sode we fight over which gaming console had the best 2017 - the Switch, Xbone, PS4, or PC. And it's not really fair that Dustin brought his Switch and distracted me during the debate.

Check out the sode here:

If you wanted to see what my foxhole looks like at my new job, here's my rising cover and assorted Nerf armory:

Oh and we're hoping to start including a live feed of our podcast every week, which we'll post as a VOD on YouTube as well. We had considered using Facebook Live to stream the show, but someone on Twitter told me they'd prefer Twitch, which we'll probably go with unless there are any objections because screw Mark Zuckerberg. If you have any streaming suggestions or tips - hit us up👇👇👇!!



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