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Episode 42 - Mesoamerican Cockfighting

A few weeks back I was looking online for a graphics card for a PC I was hoping to build with a friend and I found out that the graphics card we wanted was sold out. Everywhere. Not only that, but every graphics card of similar processing power was also sold out. The rare few still selling in odd corners of the internet were going for as high as 10x regular retail price.

When I expressed my frustration to Spencer, I found out why. Turns out Spencer has 20 of these things humming away in his garage mining cryptocurrency. So of course I made him explain himself in Explain the Hype.

We also get into some wacky-ass ideas for the Nintendo Labo in Dear Game Devs, catch you up on all the games we've been playing, and get our roll on in Dice of Destiny.

Drink your 3-Ovalbits below:

This week was also our first foray into video and things turned out pretty darn good. Check out our very first VOD here:

If you want even more info on all the cryptomining stuff we talked about, this Polygon article has some interesting info. And here's a video of what the Nintendo Labo does:

Bop it.


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